Have you given some thought to a new thermostat? There are plenty of options to satisfy your preference for shape, size, and features. Today’s generation of devices takes control to unprecedented levels, offering easy and wireless access by way of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from just about anywhere at any time. Wifi thermostats offer a simple yet rewarding upgrade that utilizes advanced technology and smart alternatives. Home Energy Center helps you make the best possible choice.

Bring the Internet of Things to Your HVAC System

Give us a call at 763-260-1990 or fill out our contact form to schedule service from Home Energy Center anywhere across Plymouth, Wayzata, New Hope, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, Crystal, MN, and surrounding areas. With more than forty years on the job, we keep up with the latest evolution in options and know what brands deliver long-term benefits. We’re happy to explain options such as learning capacity, occupancy sensors, zone control, geofencing, maintenance alerts, energy tracking, voice activation, and displays that automatically light up as you approach.

Smart Thermostats and More

As the brains of the HVAC system, the thermostat offers incredible potential to reduce wear and tear on equipment, cut costs, elevate comfort, avoid costly repairs, improve air quality, and add convenience to everyday responsibilities. With the extremes of local weather, the thermostat is especially important. Home Energy Center provides a complete selection of thermostat services. Get the most out of your investment through our professional installation, setup, maintenance, and repairs.

Smart Thermostats, WiFi Thermostat Installation, WiFi Thermostats & Smart Thermostat Installation Plymouth, MN, Maple Grove, MN, Minnetonka, MN & Saint Louis Park, MN

WiFi Thermostat Installation in Plymouth, MN | Smart Thermostat Installation Maple Grove, MN | WiFi Thermostats Minnetonka, MN

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We’ll ask you all the right questions to determine exactly what your needs are, and recommend a solution that’s custom-made to fulfill those needs.
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A system that’s custom-designed to your home, and is installed correctly to make sure you get all the comfort you expect while keeping energy bills as low as possible.
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An explanation from your factory-trained service technician when your system is installed to make sure you understand how to operate it properly.
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