Electric Car Charger Installation in the Twin Cities and Des Moines metro areas

The modern world is embracing environmentally responsible transportation. We’re seeing more electric cars on the road in the Twin Cities and Des Moines metro areas every day. However, it’s not always quick or convenient to charge an electric car by way of the home’s standard sockets. Forever pioneering progressive innovations for our customers, Home Energy Center offers the installation of electric car chargers that speed up the process, ensure safety and make your travel that much easier.

EV Charger Services in the Twin Cities and Des Moines metro areas

Identifying your exact requirements is the most important step for satisfying at-home charging of your electric car. There are three levels of EV chargers. Level 1 chargers are typically included with the electric vehicle, use a home’s standard outlet and accommodate a slow, overnight charge. Level 2 chargers are faster, adding approximately 70 miles of range for every hour of charging. A licensed technician is necessary to properly install these chargers. Level 3 EV chargers can recharge a battery to 80% in just 30 minutes but demand an industrial supply of power and are not typically for residential use.

Charge at home with expert services from Home Energy Center. Our EV charger installation professionals are ready to assist with a unit that works for your home, with your electric vehicle and to your satisfaction. If you’re frustrated with the slow, overnight charge, get in touch with us at 763-260-1990 or via our online contact form for a free estimate and knowledgeable recommendations anywhere across Plymouth, Wayzata, New Hope, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, Crystal, MN, and surrounding areas. We provide prompt service and do the job to exacting standards of quality.

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Electric Car Charger Service & Electric Car Chargers in Plymouth, MN

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