Tankless water heating offers unique advantages. These innovative alternatives to standard tanks free up space, allow freedom of installation location, and last far longer. Because water isn’t stored and continually reheated, there are none of the standby energy losses, making tankless models incredibly efficient. The water avoids the absorption of harmful contaminants, heats up instantly, and provides an endless supply of hot water.

Energy-Efficient Tankless Water Heaters

Is tankless water heating the right choice for your household? Explore your options by calling Home Energy Center at 763-260-1990, or by completing our contact form. With more than 40 years of service, we are knowledgeable in all makes, models, and styles of water heaters. Our highly trained, background-checked technicians handle proper installation, conversion, replacement, maintenance, and repairs.

Never Run Out of Hot Water with Home Energy Center

The startup cost of tankless water heating is higher, but the energy savings typically recover the investment very quickly. When you choose Home Energy Center for your water heating requirements, we make sure you enjoy the benefits of top-notch quality. We’ve proven that our integrity of products and workmanship add up to greater customer satisfaction, value, and convenience. Let us make an improvement you’ll appreciate every day. We’re your water heating experts across Plymouth, Wayzata, New Hope, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, Crystal, MN, and surrounding areas.

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