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Jon and Rachel (Heating system)

We can’t thank you enough for all your professional, courteous help. We are extremely pleased with the workmanship but even more pleased with the service!


Krista and George (Air conditioning system)

The guys were really fast-in and out in about six hours! Being at home next summer with a new baby will be much more enjoyable with central air!


Linda (Furnace)

I am very pleased with the furnace. It’s quiet and keeps the house warmer than my old one. It’s the first time I been comfortable in this house since we bought it in 1974! The best thing about this company is the fact that I know they will be here if I ever have a problem or a question, and as a widow, it gives me peace of mind.


Linda (Furnace and air conditioner)

Everyone in the HEC team was terrific, courteous, and more than helpful in answering my questions.


Jeff (Furnace)

You guys did a great job and were very helpful and honest. We would recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Thank you for your help.


Gayle and Robert (Heating and air conditioning system)

I would give Home Energy Center a grade of A+ for efficiency and their overall plan of action. They did what they said they would do which is something that is nonexistent in today’s world.


Phil (Furnace and air conditioner)

Home Energy Center did an outstanding job. From the presentation to the Happiness Check, they went the extra mile for me. Thank you!


Brent (Furnace)

My wife and I were favorably impressed with the initial presentation. The references were excellent. The work was done on time and in a very professional manner.


Naomi and Jerry (Furnace and air conditioner)

The crew members were courteous and friendly and tolerant of our cats and dog. We checked with two people we knew in the neighborhood who’d had installations done by Home Energy Center and both were very satisfied so there was no doubt that we’d made a good decision.


Jim (Heating and air conditioning system)

We had excellent service. The men were here very promptly in the morning. They were very considerate and friendly. We are pleased with the installation of our new furnace and air conditioner. Everything was picked up and hauled away. They left it very neat and clean.


Simone and Hari (Furnace)

Although we already completed a service report card, we requested another to write specifically about the courtesy, skill, and service we received in our Happy Check. In our opinion, the service given went above and beyond the call of duty. It’s very rare to come across anyone, in any arena, as competent as your people. They restored our confidence in the home improvement business. We really appreciate your hard work!


Nancy (Furnace and air conditioner)

In a time when trusting people or companies is a risk, I was impressed with everyone in your company. The design of the final system was tailored exactly to my concerns and does what the salesperson promised. The timely manner with which you have responded to me is a first! Thank you.


Dave and Holly (Furnace)

We were very happy with the price and quality. The work was performed in an extremely timely manner. We felt all of the people we were in contact with were competent, knowledgeable and honest.



Eric and Amy (Air conditioner)

Overall I was very pleased with how conscious the workmen were of taking care of my house. They removed their shoes to enter the upper level and were careful in moving things in and out. All of the workmen were very friendly and answered the questions I had.


Sue and Buck (Furnace and air conditioner)

Finally, a company with great customer service!


Mary and Jerry (Heating and air conditioning system)

We are very favorably impressed both with the staff of Home Energy Center and the product. From the time of presentation, installation, and follow up we appreciated the competence and helpful manner of the staff.


Debbie and Chuck (Heating and air conditioning system)

We are very satisfied with Home Energy Center and LOVE our new furnace and air conditioner. We had it installed in the hottest time of the year and the first day we came home to a comfortable house was WONDERFUL!


Don (Furnace)

The installers were prompt and very efficient. The service after the installation was unparalleled. I know of no other company that provides this service. The man was thorough in his coverage of the system and answered all of my questions.


Mao (Furnace)

Ever since we had our new furnace we have experienced fewer stuffy noses, colds, and coughs. I am happy I chose Home Energy Center.


Rhonda (Heating and air conditioning system)

I was very impressed with the people who did the installation. They were very professional and did a great job. The system is great. I am involved with the installation of commercial HVAC equipment and wish all contractors did this quality of work.


Patricia (Furnace)

I would like to thank EVERYONE at Home Energy Center for the awesome job. It is so nice to see a company with such gifted people. You have a “class act” company. People tried to tell me I didn’t need to replace my furnace-I’m glad I didn’t listen to them!


Richard and Connie (Furnace)

Great service by everyone involved. The best part was that not one falsehood was told. I know. I checked out other places. I would definitely do business with you again.


Shawn and Clark (Furnace and air conditioner)

We were extremely pleased with the men who did the job. They gave us the options but also offered their advice. We have also been impressed with the follow up that has occurred since the installation. It has been a major improvement in the way our house feels and wish we had done it 4-5 years earlier when you first came out.


Peggy (Furnace)

I look forward to not having to deal with my utility company when there is a problem because they are always two days behind and you’ll freeze to death!


John (Furnace and air conditioner)

Now that the work is done, I feel that the installers did an even better job than the salesperson described. I appreciate the good workmanship and am very satisfied.


Al and Kathy (Heating and air conditioning system)

After 21 years of home ownership could it be that we finally chose a company that knew what it was doing? Hallelujah!